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01/06/14 03:36 PM #127    

Suzanne McFarlin (Slowey)

Lisa, THANK YOU so much for keeping us all updated and connected!  A 35th reunion would be lots of fun.  I will plan to attend if the committee decides to plan one.  If there's anything I can do to help from Arizona, let me know. 

Happy New Year!


01/18/14 07:27 PM #128    


David B. Cohen


Awesome site; thanks for modernizing and letting the bells and whistles "evolve". I really missed the 30th due to airplane failure. Even though seeing Pat and Eric and hanging out with Jimmy and Linda and seeing Louise, I'd show up a few days early just to make sure I made it to the banquet rather than the brunch the day after.

I second any assistance I can provide from the Texas capital and would even be willing to knock on Heidi's door in San Antonio and have her help out too.

David from Austin.



02/14/14 10:11 AM #129    

Frank McGough

So sorry to hear about Cindy passing away this week. My deepest sympathies to all her friends. I hope she didn't suffer. Take care you guys...

03/05/14 12:25 PM #130    

Brennen Larkin


Just a reminder the this website domain name renewal is due again in January.  For some strange reason, my memory is not what it used to FYI.  x/o

03/07/14 05:01 PM #131    

Frank McGough

RIP Laurie!

05/09/14 10:58 AM #132    


David B. Cohen

Hard to believe I'm still following this band around (here Jul 2):

and Steely Dan is on tour again: August 11 at the Benedum Center if you are still in town.

From the Live Music Capital of Texas ~ David

05/14/14 07:46 AM #133    

Brennen Larkin

Please note that I will be sending an email confirmation to any classmates who forward a check for our 35th reunion.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in October. 

08/16/14 11:33 AM #134    


Matt Shipley

Just wanted to remind anyone driving up from the south that reunion weekend is also the BRIDGE JUMP weekend at New River Gorge on Route 19 in West Virginia. I would avoid that route as there will be terrible traffic since that is the one day a year that you can jump off the bridge and they close the road. Saturday the 18th is Jump Day.

09/10/14 10:51 PM #135    

James Joseph

Hey All!

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the 35th reunion!! I think we have a great opportunity to enjoy some fun together. We hope to hear from you soon! Please continue to register ASAP using the 35 year reunion link located on our web site's menu bar.

Take care!!!







10/15/14 04:59 PM #136    


Matt Shipley

Wishing all a safe trip back to Lebo and a great reunion. Wish I could make it but it falls in the middle of a training cycle plus Saturday is opening day of NC Deer season. Have a great weekend!


10/20/14 02:21 PM #137    


David B. Cohen

Great seeing everyone and I'm very thankful my flight made it in this time. Looking forward to the 40th!

10/30/14 10:06 PM #138    

David P. Lacey

Hey Folks, sorry I couldn't make the 35th! Looks like it was a great time! The school still seems to be expanding. I definitely will make the next one.

12/28/14 07:23 PM #139    


Matt Shipley

  • Wishing all another great and prosperous New Year. Couldn't make the 35th (Uncle Sam still has me under his thumb) but hope all had a good time. Trying to make it up MLK weekend as long as the weather holds. Best of luck to all in 2015!

12/29/14 11:37 AM #140    

Frank McGough

Thanks Matt, likewise all the best! Thank you also for your continued service.

12/29/14 01:44 PM #141    

Grace Ferguson (Zarou)

Hi Matt - I couldn't make it either. Have Lyme Disease from a deer tick! Hope you wore repellent and long sleeves! I live in Cornelius, NC, in Lake Norman area 20 miles morth of Charlotte. Where do you live?

12/29/14 01:47 PM #142    

Grace Ferguson (Zarou)

BTW: Anyone that went to Washington Elementary, I found just about all our Class Photos! Cute!

01/08/15 03:31 PM #143    

Brennen Larkin


Thank you for renewing the website domain for another 5 years!!!  This will cover us thru our 40th reunion (ouch).


01/11/15 08:20 AM #144    

Andrew J. Harris

Happy New Year back at you -  all.  Have a healthy 2015!!  Just checking the What's New feature.  Seems I'm still in the 70's.  Big surprise!  Not a social media guy.  I'm finding this a little to revealing in that it posts everything I do on my profile.  Oh, well.  I still like seeing what everyone else is up to these days.  Cheers.

01/11/15 01:24 PM #145    


Matt Shipley

Grace: Lyme disease, Thats not good. Hope it clears fast. We live in Anderson Creek which is about 12 miles north of Bragg and Spring Lake. Was kind of rural but growing too fast. Still tagged out with 6 deer out of the back woods this year. Hopped over to Norman several times when doing ops into the Uwharrie when I was still on active duty so I know where Cornelius is. About halfway up the eastern lake border between north and south, I think.

04/15/15 10:21 AM #146    


David B. Cohen

Lisa and Committee,

Grateful for this site and all you do to coordinate our real and virtual visits. Bonnie's trismus almost cleared up after 15 months, we and our partners have each other in sickness and health.

Have a graduation, 3 weddings, and a Bat Mitzvah to attend over the summer so growth all around. Hope you can take a moment to share the good in your lives.



08/20/16 08:32 AM #147    


Matt Shipley

Anyone going to the Alumni tailgate or game on the 23rd?

08/23/16 12:04 PM #148    

Brennen Larkin

I expect that they will have a decent turn out for the alumni tailgate, based on the past several years. 

The Class of '81 (35th) and Class of '56 (60th) both have reunions that weekend.


08/23/16 12:55 PM #149    


Matt Shipley

Brennen ;

Don't suppose you might have some info or contacts about the Class of 56 reunion? That is my mom's and I don't think she has heard about it yet. I'm trying to get home that weekend but she didn't mention it as being a conflict.

08/23/16 01:22 PM #150    

Brennen Larkin


The school district website has all of the alumni information.

Click on drop down for Community>>>and then Alumni      (here is the screen shot)

For more information visit the Class of 1966 website at


Class contact: Rick Montgomery


Friday, September 16
10:00 a. m.

Friday, September 16
2:00 p.m.

Friday, September 16


6:30 p.m.

Saturday, September 17

HIGH SCHOOL TOUR:  Enter through Auditorium EntranceSee Map  

10:00 a.m.

Saturday, September 17


1:00 p.m. Boarding
1:30 p.m. Departure

Saturday, September 17


6:00 p.m. Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres
7:30 p.m. Dinner


08/23/16 05:58 PM #151    


Matt Shipley

Thanks Brother.

Found it (56) but other than the tailgate and game doesn't look like their having much. Probably not a bunch of 78 year olds going to crash the Saloon. Appreciate the help.


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